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Ancient Herbal Care

Neem Herbal Toothpaste

Neem Herbal Toothpaste

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Get clean, healthy teeth and gums with this Neem Toothpaste from Ancient Herbal Care. It contains a myriad of ingredients that are beneficial to your oral health.

Among its active ingredients, it contains neem (promotes healthy gums), baking soda (cleans teeth and gums and freshens breath), miswak (promotes overall dental health), cinnamon (for flavor and anti-oxidant properties), ginger (has antioxidant properties), lemon (for flavor and it’s naturally cleansing properties), and olive oil (whitens teeth).

Brush with all the benefits of Neem Herbal toothpaste today. Visit Ancient Herbal Care to get your Neem Herbal Toothpaste.

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